Teaching more about
Loula Long Combs
and how showing horses use to be.

In the early 1900’s a lady in the horse show-ring was a rarity.  Even more seldom seen was a woman driving.  Ponies – maybe, – horses hardly ever.  Pairs or Four-In-Hand – I would like to see that; some things never change.  From the time Loula Long Combs hit the horse show-ring, 1900’s – 1960’s, if you had the opportunity to see her, you would remember her, and still be talking about it.

Loula would enter the show ring driving her pair of Hackney horses pulling a George IV Phaeton, wearing a HUGE hat, with Boston terriers at her side.  Groomsmen in full attire, not moving a mussel, would be assisting and adding color to the scene.  Loula was one of the only ladies to be put in Madison Square Garden’s Equestrian Sports Hall Of Fame.

When you talk to people who knew her, two things will always come up – her kindness and her love for animals, especially her favorite horse – “My Revelation.”

Through the help of sponsors and donors we are just starting to tell the story – and you can be a part of this exciting journey!

You may have heard mention that there were thoughts about starting a driving school of some sorts.  Well, we are ready to go.  It’s called “The Loula Long Combs Driving Experience.”  The purpose of this activity is really two parts.

The first part is to allow people to have a way to experience driving a horse and carriage and everything it takes to do this.  Some people think the only thing you have to do is hook a horse up and take off down the road.

Those of us that drive know there is much more than that.  Not all horses have the mind or the ability to want to and/or be able to drive.  So, what may start out as a pleasurable experience soon turns into trouble the first time the horse sees something that is not in its regular environment.  So this is for the beginning driver, learning the care, grooming, harnessing and handling of the horse.  The horses that will be used are Hackney horses and Norwegian Fjords.

Fjords are a rare, light draft breed.  The Fjord is a National symbol to Norway like our American eagle.  They have won consecutive championships in the Pony Express Horse Show Circuit and 1st place at several parades including the American Royal.  Their names are Benedict and Mateaus, aka Runner and Gunner.

You will be able to drive singles at first with two or four wheeled vehicles depending on your ability and what your goals are.  You also may be able to show at Longview Horse Park this summer.  Or, maybe you just want to come to the show, lend a hand and enjoy the social pot-luck that we have in conjunction with us showing.

The other part is being able to learn more about Loula Long Combs and how showing horses use to be.  We have contacted the Hackney Horse Association and the Saddlebred Association to see if we may be able to obtain horses donated by them to have exactly what Loula had shown, to better be able to represent the R. A. Long Historical Society.

Lessons will be by appointment, approximately one hour, but they will always go longer, time permitting.




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